The West Sayville FD responded to a report of a vehicle fire on the Sunrise Highway service road at Sycamore Avenue on Wednesday, Nov. 17 at 14:14hrs. Upon arrival of Ass't Chief Robert Doucet it was discovered to be a Gershow Flatbed with numerous scrap vehicles on the trailer. At least three of the vehicles were on fire initially. Due to the vehicles being crushed and loaded with tires and scrap, getting to the seat of the fire proved difficult. Under the direction of Chief of Department Kelly Barnes, handlines were deployed to the top of the trailer under the supervision of Ass't Chief Lucus Domingo to try and extinguish as much of the fires as possible. A call was made to the Town of Islip Dept. of Public Works for a payloader to assist inremoving the vehicles from the trailer to extinguish the fires. One by one the vehicles were removed off of the trailer by the payloader and lowered into the parking where handlines were used to extinguish a total of 5 vehicles burning in some manner. The Sayville Fire Department received the first call of the alarm and was enroute before realizing it was in West Sayville's district. Sayville was told to continue in anyway and provided an engine at the scene to aid in extinguishment. The alarm was declared under control by Chief Barnes at 15:42 hours and all apparatus was back in service at 16:51hrs. Sayville Community Ambulance stood by at the scene in the event they were needed. No injuries were reported and the fire does not appear suspicious. By Ex-Chief H. D'Onofrio